Nothing feeds the soul quite like discomfort; being cold, being wet, being just a little bit scared. It’s what pulls humans to the great outdoors, to a path of worship of mother nature herself. On a purely selfish level, it brings such a deep feeling of fulfillment that very little else can match.


That’s what this is about – my hunt for adventure, and how I try to fit that in with finishing university and a part time job.

I’m 21 years old, finishing my third year of a Journalism degree, and attempting to improve at every outdoor sport I can get my hands on. Climbing is the go to, the purest form of mans love for rock.

I’ve climbed for years, and have had the privilege of doing so in the States, in my home country, and through Europe. Hopefully, this is just the start – the list of crags is endless and I want to appreciate as many as I can.

Expect many a boulder story, tales of unsent projects (hence the title) and dirt inches thick in the heartland of the UK and beyond.

Aside from that, every aspect of mountain life will be explored – for if discomfort is to be seeked, it should be on all levels.

Here’s to future travels, shower water washing off brown and the cold hard truth of being outdoors.