5 Romantic Ideas For Outdoor Lovers


It’s 2017, and I have just turned 18 years old. Two days ago, in-fact. It’s 8pm, the sun has finally sunk behind the hills, and shining stars light up our evening picnic with a sparkling glow. We have strawberries, cream, and a blanket to share. Soft music thumps from the car surround system, as we curl up together in the boot and soak up the quiet atmosphere.

This was my first experience of romance and, unsurprisingly, I was swept away by the beauty of it all.

As humans, our connection to nature is such that we usually want to share it with those we love. Be it a sunset walk along a white-sand beach, a kiss in the rain or a windswept snowy mountain, we all have the same desire for the wild and wonderful when it comes to romance.

As date ideas go, however, knowing where to start (And what your partner is interested in) can make navigating the outdoor world a little trickier. Here are 5 fantastic, fun and fabulous ideas to blow them away, and to make memories that will last a life time.

  1. A private picnic, with a beautiful view.
  2. Beach fires and BBQs, as the sun goes down
  3. An early morning sunrise, even at the height of summer
  4. New sports and hobbies you can try together
  5. Stargazing (Trip to anywhere with dark sky status definitely advised)

And the fantastic thing about all these ideas is that whilst they’re ideal for sharing with a partner, they are also just as incredible an experience done solo. Whatever is going on in your life, these 5 romantic ideas for outdoor lovers are a beautiful way to connect with nature, our surroundings, and our happiness.

Strawberries, chocolate, and a sight for sore eyes

Taking time out to get to know somebody more is incredibly important, and what better way to do it than stretched out on a blanket, watching the sun disappear over the horizon?

Not only does a private picnic give you chance to chill out and enjoy each others company, it also says a lot about the effort you’re willing to put in. It takes time to make food, to bake cakes, to put together a cosy evening under an orange sky – and for me personally, time will always mean more than anything money can buy.

The beer thoughfully brought along to an afternoon climb is better than the one bought in the pub, the homemade banana muffin will make memories to last a lifetime. There is something desperately beguiling about slowing down, and taking a step back from the fast pace of everyday life, and doing it together can feel like a real treat.

It also gives you the chance to explore somewhere new, and to find beauty spots you have never visited before. Feel the wind on your cheeks, and reward any hike in with good food and quiet time.

A beer, a beach fire and a sausage bun

Over the last few weeks, we have been innundated with warm days and bright sunshine. As a ginger, I have experienced a rare tan that I normally have to fight hard for. With this tropical weather, we’ve had soft evenings and calm winds – the usually chilly shorelines of the North Sea are still, and inviting.

Now is the time to pack towels for a late night dip, and to get yourself down on the beach for a roaring fire and a vibrant sunset. Some quiet music (I can always recommend Jack Johnson) and a blanket for as the temperature drops.

This week, I spent an evening with some of my close friends, sand between my toes and marshmallows roasting over the flickering embers of a crumbling fire;

and I had a moment in which I knew there was nowhere else I would rather be.

Trying something new together

The fantastic thing about being a beginner is all the fun you can have, and share.

We’re all terrible to start with (or usually are anyway), but we all need playtime too – and trying something new together gives you the opportunity to really throw yourself in and have a laugh along the way.

I recently wrote about the difficulties of being a beginner, and the importance of childish play as an adult. One of the wonderful things about both is that sharing the experience is always more entertaining, and you can connect and create memories of delight and laughter that you might struggle to find elsewhere.

Stargazing with dark skystatus

If you have never been to one of the dark sky spots in the UK, then you’re really missing a treat.

Dark sky status is granted to parts of the country with very little to no light pollution and fantastic public access, meaning the night sky is lit solely by glittering constellations.

From a city location, at the best of times you can see up to 100 stars. Under a dark sky, that jumps to over 1000 – including our own galaxy, The Milky Way.

Realistically this should be on everybodys ‘must do’ list, not just as a romantic idea but as an experience of a lifetime.

A full list of dark sky status locations can be found on Dark Sky Scotland.

4am Sunrises and first thing coffee

If you’re willing to stay up late to watch the sun go down, then why not get up early to watch it rise?

Arguably more rewarding than a sunset, a 4am sunrise can be shared in peace and tranquility. The start of the day is always special, no matter where you watch it, and experiencing the moment with a loved one is a truly romantic treat.

There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them. – Jo Walton

In my opinion, it is very worth the blurry eyes as the alarm goes off, and the muted shuffling of dragging on clothes in the early hours of the morning, just to see the pink and red hues of the sun peaking out between the hills.

Afterwards, a strong coffee to wake you up and you’ll be ready for another day of adventure.

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